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April 13, 2016 cosmick

Nothing is more aggravating than having an equipment breakdown on a job site.  Even more irritating is finding out the unit can’t be repaired on-site and has to be taken back to the shop for repairs.

Electric submersible pumps and electric generators are notorious for this and in most cases cannot be repaired on-site.

With that in mind, Hydra-Tech has engineered simplicity into  pump designs that allow for field serviceable repairs.

Some examples are:

  1. Hydraulic motors that can be changed out in minutes.
  2. Pump bodies that separate quickly with a few simple hand tools.
  3. Hydraulic hoses that are interchangeable and can be switched out easily.
  4. Easy access to service points, filters and components on power units.
  5. Customer tech support services that will help diagnose any issues that may arise and quickly determine the best way to solve them.  Many times a simple fix is all that’s needed and your staff can have the unit back on-line without needing specially trained technicians.

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