Hydra-Tech Advantage

Why Choose Hydra-Tech for Hydraulic Submersible Pumps?

Our pumps are widely used in many different industries for an ever-growing range of applications. Uses for our pumps have evolved from simple de-watering and trash pumps to more exotic uses such as aerial firefighting and oil spill recovery.

Why Go Hydraulic?

  • Efficient, variable speed drive saves fuel
  • Easy set-up, can be operational in minutes
  • No suction lift problems common with centrifugal pumps
  • No electrical hazard encountered with electric submersibles
  • One pump can perform tasks of several fixed speed pumps
  • Many of our pumps can be bolted inline to become booster pumps
  • A wide range of pumps designed to handle just about any application
  • Overall size and weight is less then any comparable electric submersible
  • Maintenance can be performed in the field with minimal mechanical skills
  • Many different pumps can be driven from a single hydraulic power source


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