9 different impeller types

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April 13, 2016 cosmick

Centrifugal and Submersible Pumps have one thing in common, there is no one size or type that fits all applications. Different impeller and pump body styles are required to do different jobs. Here are some of the different impeller types and what they are used for:


1) High Head Closed Channel Impeller – high-efficiency design for pumping water and other liquids at higher head pressures




2) Vortex Impeller – Used for pumping stringy solids and debris-laden liquids




3) Centrifugal Screw Impeller – Used for pumping oils and other viscous liquids




4) Propeller – Used for pumping high volumes of water at low heads




5) Shredder Impeller – Used for chopping solids to smaller pieces when they enter the pump




6) Closed Channel Impeller – Used for pumping sewage and wastewater




7) Mixed Flow Impeller – Used for high volume water pumping at low to medium heads




8) Semi-Open Impeller – Used for trash and debris laden liquids




9) Hardened Sand/Slurry Impeller – Used for pumping abrasive liquids



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