Hydra-Tech’s S4VHL, four inch hydraulic submersible sludge/slurry pump offers three inch solids handling and head capabilities up to 210 feet.  This heavy-duty slurry pump is designed to handle wastewater and sewage and will fit through a 20” diameter manhole.  The primary uses for this pump are sewer by-pass into force mains and general transfer of solids laden fluids.  Combined with our HT25 to HT60 power units, the S4VHL is capable of flows up to 750 GPM.  This safe and variable speed hydraulic drive submersible pump can be used where electric power is hazardous or impractical.


Example of how this pump is being used.

Problem: Treatment plant in a large southern municipality, pumping out of the on-site clarifier using hydraulically driven slurry gate pumps.  Pumps would frequently clog with rags, diapers or stringy materials causing the need to pull the pump out and clean it as often as 1-2 times per day.

Solution: The national equipment rental company servicing the job-site suggested installing a Hydra-Tech Pumps’ vortex impeller S4VHL hydraulically driven submersible pump. The municipality agreed to a side by side test in the same clarifier.  Over the course of several days, the slurry gate pump had to be pulled and cleaned six times while the S4VHL pump with the stainless steel vortex impeller did not stop working.*

Result: This municipality liked the S4VHL pump so much they are budgeting for the purchase of their own system.

*The superior performance by the vortex impeller can be attributed to the nature of vortex flow pumping.  Unlike channel impeller pumping where the pumpage comes in full and direct contact with the vanes on the impeller the pumping action in a vortex pump takes place mainly in front of the impeller.  So, stringy materials, semi solids and other debris are balled up in front of the impeller and ejected from the pump.



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