It doesn’t seem like that long ago when a few of us were walking through Hydra-Tech Pumps’ original location in an industrial park in Mt. Holly, NJ. At the time the founder and his business partner were selling the company, and we were wide-eyed, trying to assess the operation, people, manufacturing equipment, products, and everything else in a fairly short visit. Honestly speaking we knew what we were looking at, and at the same time had no idea what we were looking at. Fortunately at some point after this visit we decided to buy Hydra-Tech Pumps from Ken and his business partner – and 15 years have blazed by since that transaction occurred in October of 2005.

We immediately began working on the two largest and most important tasks in front of us. We had to learn the business – every aspect – in anticipation of moving Hydra-Tech Pumps at some point to Pennsylvania. Staffing needs, equipment needs, vendors, customers, infrastructure requirements, computer systems, records, accounting system – everything involved in the day to day operation of the business needed evaluated in anticipation of the move so that it could be properly planned and executed.

The other important task in front of us was finding a new home for the business in or close to Nesquehoning Pennsylvania, near another company we were involved in at the time. We looked at numerous buildings and were fortunate enough to find a new home for Hydra-Tech Pumps – it wasn’t a perfect space but we could make it work and it was in Nesquehoning where we wanted to be. Once the building and property were acquired we got to work modifying the facility to accommodate the manufacturing requirements. Eventually we were ready and in August of 2007 Hydra-Tech Pumps moved from Mt. Holly, New Jersey where it was born 30 years earlier in 1977, to Nesquehoning, PA.

When we started operations in our new home, we had 9 employees. In the 15 years since the acquisition and subsequent move, the number of employees has grown to 18 and we have been successful in growing the business. In 2019 we added 8000 square feet of new manufacturing and warehouse space to the existing building to allow for some of the growth we’ve seen and additional growth we plan for.

Despite the challenges faced in 2020 we are optimistic about our future. A lot of time and effort has been spent through the years growing the business and extending our domestic and international reach and presence through the expanded network of partners. We plan on continuing these efforts and can’t wait to see what the next 15 years have in store for Hydra-Tech Pumps. We hope that our valued customers will continue to be with us on our journey. 

For a customer doing spray on grouting, Hydra-Tech Pumps worked to develop a high/low pressure and flow, two stage hydraulic power unit. In the first stage, a 2-3gpm flow of hydraulic fluid at 5000psi went to the grout machine and broke the grout loose. Then, that low flow combined (at reduced pressure) with the flow coming from a second pump all going to the grout machine under 1500psi, enough flow and pressure to effectively operate the machine and get the job done. The roll cage skid frame unit was designed around a small liquid cooled diesel and from concept to shipment, the whole process took just five weeks. If you have a custom need, contact Hydra-Tech Pumps at or call 570-645-3779.

Two of the tools that help Hydra-Tech Pumps spread the word about how our pumps, hydraulic power units, and complete systems solve problems are case studies and testimonials. Most people know that you can drop a submersible pump into a body of water and pump from it. What kinds of non-typical pumping challenges do we help our customers solve with our products? We would love to hear your answer to this question.
At this point in time we do not have an extensive collection of case studies / testimonials but we are working on developing an arsenal with your help. We don’t often get the opportunity to get into the field with our customers and our pumps so we rely on you to help us with developing case studies and providing testimonials. At some point in the future we hope to put a new tab on our website that would offer both case studies and some testimonial quotes for our visitors to read. If we do this we would like to include your name, company information (and website if you would like). We can also write it generically about “a customer who faced this challenge and came to Hydra-Tech” or credit a testimonial to “an (excavation company / septic hauler / directional driller / marine salvage company) in the northeast”, although the whole point of a testimonial is to credit a person and a company who are known in the industry.
The video below was supplied by a good friend and customer who wishes to remain anonymous. When someone offers to take the time and make the effort to put together a video showcasing an S6VAL pump working hard, you share it – enjoy!

Well, we did it again. An international customer wanted a very specific hydraulic power unit designed for their application and Hydra-Tech Pumps is getting ready to deliver the first of many units. The customer is going to love what we have done.
This brand new, purpose built HPU features a 14 horsepower Hatz 1D90E Tier 4 Final diesel engine with electric start. A belly reservoir holds 25 gallons of hydraulic oil and a thermally activated fan assisted cooler keeps the hydraulic oil temperature in check.  The units are designed to operate hydraulic cylinders (2 per power unit) with a single handle directional valve, flow divider, load hold check valves, and cylinder synchronizing on stroke that provides accurate control to the user. The bells and whistles list for this unit includes run flat tires, air shut off safety shutdown, and a solar trickle charger for the battery to complement the charging system on the unit.
Our options list for hydraulic power units is long – there are many things we can do to customize a unit from paint to telematics and all points in between. Give Hydra-Tech Pumps a chance to supply your next hydraulic power unit and let us know how we can make it better for you!

If you are lucky and work in a small business, it is likely that you have a second family – your work family. Here at Hydra-Tech Pumps this is true – our small organization (with an average length of service of more than 8 years) is definitely a second family to all. When you spend 40 or more hours a week together it is inevitable that you develop a bond with your coworkers – they truly become your “family” away from your family.
Over the course of roughly the last calendar year we have celebrated some significant birthdays with our work family – a 50th, 60th, and 70th birthday have been celebrated and enjoyed. Each has included a cake and some gag gifts and cards and good-natured ribbing.
It has been said in more than one company meeting that we all rely on one another for Hydra-Tech Pumps to succeed. In a tough year featuring a pandemic and all of the related challenges, where the success of some businesses is being measured by the ability to survive the year, it is nice to know that our work family is working together to keep each other sane and see our way to the end of the pandemic and out of 2020!
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