Dual Power Grout Machine Power Unit

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November 3, 2020 cosmick

For a customer doing spray on grouting, Hydra-Tech Pumps worked to develop a high/low pressure and flow, two stage hydraulic power unit. In the first stage, a 2-3gpm flow of hydraulic fluid at 5000psi went to the grout machine and broke the grout loose. Then, that low flow combined (at reduced pressure) with the flow coming from a second pump all going to the grout machine under 1500psi, enough flow and pressure to effectively operate the machine and get the job done. The roll cage skid frame unit was designed around a small liquid cooled diesel and from concept to shipment, the whole process took just five weeks. If you have a custom need, contact Hydra-Tech Pumps at www.hydra-tech.com or call 570-645-3779.

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