I want to source my own hydraulic hoses – what do I need to look for?

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June 15, 2020 cosmick
Note: We are talking specifically about the hydraulic hoses used to connect the pressure and return ports of the hydraulic power unit to the pump. If you were to replace a hydraulic line on the hydraulic power unit itself refer to the hose you are replacing and / or consult with the factory first.
There are lots of options when it comes to hydraulic hoses – there are 16 different SAE standards with some additional options within some of the 16. There were originally 19 but three (100R9 through 100R11) are no longer a part of the SAE standard. Most of the options from standard to standard are related to the following parameters:
Type of hydraulic fluid being used.
Working Pressure (Pressure Rating).
Temperature Rating.
Physical Makeup of the outer cover (as it relates to UV, chemical resistance, abrasion, etc.)
Type of end fittings that will be used, specifically, whether the installation of chosen fittings requires skiving (removal of outer casing of hose) before installation.
Conductive / Non- Conductive.
           The majority of the systems that Hydra-Tech Pumps manufactures don’t exceed 3000 PSI and as a result we offer 100R12 and 100R17 hydraulic hose rated for 3000 PSI all with abrasion resistance covers. We believe that the hoses we supply offer a good mix of safety, durability, and wear and UV resistance for our customers and that they are good general purpose hoses for use with our pumps and hydraulic power units.
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