What are we thankful for?

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November 29, 2019 cosmick
As a business, here is a list of the things we are thankful for as we get ready to close down Thursday and Friday so that our co-workers can travel near and far to spend time with their families.
  • Hydra-Tech Pumps is thankful that through the efforts of our employees we have been able to grow the business consistently since our move in 2007 to the point where we are putting the finishing touches on an 8000 square foot addition. We expect to be using the space in January 2020.
  • Hydra-Tech Pumps is thankful that we have never been in a position to have to have layoffs.
  • Hydra-Tech Pumps is thankful for our customers, big and small, domestic and international – your loyalty to our pumps and hydraulic power units has helped us to have fairly consistent growth through the years.
  • Hydra-Tech Pumps is thankful for our vendors who have supported our efforts and contributed along the way.
  • Hydra-Tech Pumps is thankful the our founder, Ken Reim, is still very active on a daily basis and involved in Research and Development, Sales, Technical Support and is such a valuable resource to our whole group.
  • Hydra-Tech Pumps is thankful for our employees. As we try to stress at any company event, Hydra-Tech Pumps succeeds or fails based on the efforts of every employee no matter the title or responsibility – we are all tied to the success or failure of the business based on the quality of the product we make, the communication with the customers, and the customers’ perceived value of what we provide to them.
A recent email to some friends who visited Hydra-Tech Pumps and toured the business included the following statement: “Our growth and success is the result of a lot of things, some hard work, some good fortune, and lots of good people (employees, vendors, customers) who have helped us along the way.” For that statement Hydra-Tech Pumps is thankful.
So to anyone reading this we would like to remind you to enjoy the time off this week with your family and friends. On a personal level, the things that I am most thankful for are family, friends and health – I’d be willing to bet that your list is similar if not the same. (Jeff Whittaker, VP Sales and Marketing)
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