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September 11, 2019 cosmick

Question: Which is the most popular horsepower level from the wide variety of hydraulic power units that Hydra-Tech Pumps offers?


Answer: Our 74 horsepower HPU, delivering a maximum output of 30 GPM at 2900 PSI (other settings available) is far and away the most popular for contractors and rental companies. One of the reasons is it so desirable is the lineup of distinctly different pumps that can be paired with it – we have 10 different pumps offering a wide variety of general and specialized dewatering capabilities that run at peak performance with this 74 HP unit.


           So the next question that comes to mind is what could we do to make this combination of products any more appealing? Some of our customers have tried to run our S8T with a 74 horsepower – unfortunately the two don’t play nice together. 30 GPM will spin the S8T’s impeller but customers never came close to the full performance that 70 GPM and 2500 PSI would deliver. The answer to the question is the new Hydra-Tech Pumps S8TC currently in development and expected to be in production in spring.


           With a design point of 2500 gallons per minute and a shut off head of 85 feet, the S8TC will be the perfect addition to any company’s service / rental fleet and another great pump to compliment the 74 horsepower hydraulic power unit. The pump will be available in ductile iron first and eventually in an aluminum body option – both versions would feature a stainless steel impeller. Typical of most Hydra-Tech Pumps, the bolt pattern for the strainer on the bottom matches that of an 8” ANSI flange allowing for additional flexibility in how and where it can be used.









          We expect to have the S8TC at the ConExpo Show in Las Vegas in Hydra-Tech Pumps’ booth #C31094. As we get closer to production and availability there will be a follow up in the newsletter as well as some direct emails – both will have a spec sheet and pricing when available. Would you like us to put your name on a list of customer interested in the S8TC? Please send an email to with S8TC in the subject line and just drop your signature into the email and send. We’ll keep you up to date on our progress and you’ll be the first to receive the spec sheet and pricing when it becomes available.

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