Construction Update

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July 27, 2019 cosmick
In April’s newsletter we provided some information on Hydra-Tech’s 8000 square foot expansion we are adding to our existing facility. Steel was on the ground and we had some prep work to do to get the site ready. We will be adding on to the truck dock side of our building, since the last update we removed the awning over the patio, demolished the concrete patios on either side of the loading dock, demolished the original entryway and installed a new office entry door on the front of the building. We brought down the parking lot light poles and broke up the bottom of the loading dock (which will be converted into a test tank).
           The excavation work has started in earnest and the concrete work will start in early August. Once the floor and footers are poured we’ll have to patiently wait until it is time for the steel to go up. So the task before us right now is to continue to operate Hydra-Tech Pumps for 6-8 weeks and not interrupt production without having a truck dock – challenge accepted!
          As things really begin to move here in the next month or so we will be posting more frequent photos and updates to our Facebook and LinkedIn pages as well as Twitter.
          Whether before, during or after the construction of our addition, keep in mind that if you are ever in the area and close enough to stop by, we love giving the nickel tour to our customers and showing you what we do. We are about 45 minutes north of Allentown and 30 minutes south of Hazleton – about halfway between Interstate 81 and the northeast extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.
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