What do they do in there?

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December 21, 2018 cosmick

How much time do you spend on the road or on your commute?  How many businesses do you regularly drive by and ask yourself “I wonder what they do in there?”  For some members of Hydra-Tech Pumps’ local business community, that question was answered during an event this week.  Employees of a number of different businesses are a part of a “Leadership Carbon” class, through the Carbon County Chamber (Of Commerce) & Economic Development Corporation, did a tour of some local manufacturers including Hydra-Tech Pumps.  The group visited three companies.  The first company manufactures molds for the concrete sound barriers that you see along the interstate, the second company receives and cleans / treats hazardous materials, primarily needles and other medical waste items.  The last stop was a visit to Hydra-Tech Pumps.

After a short history and question and answer session we hit the shop floor for the nickel tour.  The first stop was the fabrication department where we cut raw steel and weld fuels cells and frames for our electric, diesel and gas Hydraulic Power Units.  We worked our way through the production floor past the paint booth where we paint all of our pumps and power units.  We saw the final assembly and test area where HPUs are set and tested for proper performance, and every pump is run before it leaves the building.  The group was impressed with the sight of our new S30M axial pump and HT400DJV power unit, just back from successful offsite testing for certified curves.

We stepped out of the back of the building for a peek at the sandblasting operation and to see the long line of HPUs ready to be shipped to customers.  Back inside we went through the pump assembly department, inventory area and looked into the machine shop where raw castings are converted into finished parts.  After the tour there were more good questions before the group departed.  For this group of local business people, we answered the question of “What do they do in there?”  They finished their day with a better idea of what some of the local manufacturers produce and where in the country and the world that product ships.

For our colleagues, customers and vendors, we enjoy giving the tour and have had the pleasure in our 11 years at this location of welcoming and entertaining visitors from near and far.  At the end of October we welcomed our Russian distributor here for a couple of days.  A customer called yesterday and reminded me that he had been here (from Indonesia) to visit near the end of 2012.  If you’re ever going to be in or around northeast PA and have time for a visit please let us know – we would be happy to show you what we do here in Nesquehoning.


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