Overcoming High Suction Lifts

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April 16, 2018 cosmick


There are some applications where using a centrifugal pump is best suited for the job but the suction lift limitations of centrifugal pumps create a problem.

A typical centrifugal pump without vacuum assist priming can reasonably lift water only 15-20 feet before running into cavitation issues and loss of performance. Adding a vacuum assist primer to remove air and lower the atmospheric pressure in the suction line can increase the effective suction lift to an absolute maximum of 34 feet (at sea level).

At these high suction lifts there is still a significant loss of pump performance.

What do you do if the suction lift exceeds these limits?

The Hydra-Tech Solution:

Adding a Hydra-Tech hydraulic submersible pump to lift the water to the centrifugal pump will solve the high suction lift problem.

By lifting the water to the centrifugal pump you also remove the performance loss issues caused by high suction lifts.

Click on this link to see an image of how this works:  High Lift S6300

In this application the customer has an offshore fire-fighting platform that is elevated 90 feet (27 Meters) above the sea level. The high-pressure centrifugal pump is the best pump for fire fighting. The light suction lift does not allow the centrifugal pump to pull water from the sea.

By adding the Hydra-Tech S6300 12” pump to the suction line they were able to overcome the high suction lift problem.

Hydra-Tech Pumps provided a Hydraulic Kit that uses the existing engine power to drive the S6300 Pump. This was a win-win for the customer and proves the concept of overcoming high suction lift problems.

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