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February 12, 2018 cosmick

Since its beginnings over 80 years ago, the Contractors Pump Bureau’s primary reason for existing has been to serve pump guys that design, produce, sell, rent and buy portable contractor and dewatering pumps.

You can count among the CPB full members, some of the largest companies and some of the most notable personalities in the pump industry.  Gorman-Rupp, Global, Xylem, Holland Pump, Hydra-Tech Pumps, Tsurumi, Mody, Sulzer and Thompson Pump are represented in the CPB by people like Rod Mersino, Jeff Gorman, Sam Mody and Bill Thompson.  Associate members are those companies that manufacture some of the major components used by pump companies and names like Honda, Deutz, LOFA Industries and Hatz.

The CPB serves pump people by:

  • Developing and maintaining industry consensus standards for pumps and auxiliary equipment.
  • Promoting the common interests of the pump industry as a whole
  • Creating and disseminating Best Operation Practices, Safety related support documents and informational publications on pump selection.
  • Looking forward to find ways to improve customer service and knowledge and make products safer and more efficient.

The following Tools and Standards, as developed by the CPB serve as valuable aids to engineers and others tasked with choosing the correct pump for most pumping situations:

  • The Pump Selection Guidebook helps choose both the right style and size pump for the job. And, it serves as an introduction to all types of pumps for those new to the industry.
  • The CPB Pump Efficiency standard, when employed by pump producers, allows for more transparent comparisons of pump performance and efficiency as it seeks to standardize the ways in which these technical details are represented on a performance curve.
  • The Noise Level Standard, which is included in the Portable Pump Operator Safety Manual, is a long standing benchmark which details the acceptable noise levels for portable dewatering pumps when they are operated in noise sensitive areas.
  • Member companies can proudly display the CPB logo on their pumping equipment, and it serves users by providing quick visual proof that the pump they are using is produced to the high standards required by the Contractor’s Pump Bureau.

Membership in the group is open to members of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers who in turn are pump manufacturers or major component suppliers to pump companies.  Among other benefits, members of CPB can participate in and use data from the Statistics program which collects and categorizes historical pump sales for the North American market, including Canada and Latin America.

If you manufacture pumps or are a key supplier for one or more pump companies, you can learn about membership by searching the web for the Contractor’s Pump Bureau.  Or, if you are a pump buyer, specifier or user, give yourself one less thing to worry about by looking for the CPB logo before making that next investment in a pump product.

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