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November 10, 2016 cosmick

Hydra-Tech Pumps uses serial numbers as a way to identify which pump or power unit our customers have purchased.   It allows us to track the year or specific custom parts that may be used on the units and also as a means for finding compatible parts.  All of the equipment is supplied with a serial identification tag at the time of fabrication.   This identifier will help with any questions or issues that may arise and also used for quality control, service management and sometimes even theft.  Anything that we custom build or if we use a non-standard part on your pump or power unit will be noted in our system before it is shipped.

Now that we know why we have serial numbers let’s talk about where you can find it on your particular system.  On our smaller pumps which includes all 2 inch and 3 inch pump models, the serial number is stamped on the side of the top cover.  On our larger pumps which includes 4 inch pumps and larger, look for a metal tag mounted on the top of the top cover on the pump.  As for the power units, the open power units have the serial number tag mounted on the lifting bracket.  The serial number on the closed power units, also called the Quiet Pak is located in the door of the unit.

The system used for the serial numbers are different for the pumps and power units.  The pumps will start with a number and then have a letter and followed up with three more numbers.  On the power units the serial number will start with a letter followed by four numbers.  The other information you will see on the tag are the model number, the kilowatts and the weight of the unit.

If you have additional questions about serial numbers, feel free to call us at 570-645-3779 or email to htpump@hydra-tech.com

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