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November 1, 2016 cosmick

Hydra-Tech Pumps manufactures an extensive line of Hydraulically Driven Submersible Pumps and Gas, Diesel and Electric Hydraulic Power Units.  We stock many of the smaller pumps and enough parts for our bigger pumps that we can typically get them assembled in a reasonable amount of time.  We typically have a few of the more popular small (20hp and smaller) power units in stock and ready to ship.

For those who might not know, Hydra-Tech Pumps prides itself on our ability to meet customer needs through both the adaptation of existing products as well as the development of new products to suit everything from a one-off project to an OEM development project.  Because of our in house design and manufacturing capabilities Hydra-Tech Pumps is able to control everything about your pump / power unit build from the paint color to the choice of hydraulic motor and engine.

Need a slight “tweak” for the pump you are ordering?  Lose the strainer, get the pump without pigtails, add a flow control to protect the pump when running it with a larger power unit, and get a different motor based on your power setup.  How about a custom color?

And for your power unit.  Want a remote shut down kit?  Need a twin circuit?  Whose control panel do you prefer?  Have a particular engine that you prefer over the engines we typically use?  Let us know.  Is Tier 4 Final a concern?  We have solutions.  Want your power unit painted in your company colors?  How about a coolant gauge or shutdown switch?  Need something bigger than a 200hp power unit?  Let us know – we have built power units bigger than what we show in our catalog and online.  This is true as well in Electric Hydraulic Power Units where we have built units up to 400hp.  Do you need an electric power unit that is explosion proof?  We can do that too.

Whether you need a little bit of customization or something exclusive to your requirements Hydra-Tech Pumps is ready willing and able to build it for you!

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