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August 11, 2016 cosmick

In the Pump Industry, a common cause of pump downtime is mechanical seal failure.  In order to avoid having that phone call about a blown seal from our customers, Hydra-Tech Pumps is always trying to improve and upgrade our products.  One particular pump we have improved is the 6 inch hydraulically driven submersible trash pump, by making a few minor changes.  The first change is replacing the current mechanical seal with a newly designed and better performing mechanical seal which provides both superior materials of construction and is cost efficient.  The look of this seal is completely different.  The open springs have been eliminated so items such as wire ties won’t get held up, which ultimately could lock up the rotating section of the seal and create a failure.

This seal is made up of silicon carbide with Viton elastomers and stainless steel making it resistant to certain chemicals. Along with the mechanical seal improvement there are additional changes to the pump.  The oil housing will be designed with kick out veins which will help keep the pumpage and solids from building up around the mechanical seal area.  There will also be a pin installed in the oil housing to hold the stationary seal from rotating, which then allows the bellow seal to be pushed completely down onto the impeller.  P80 rubber lube is used when assembling the seal.  Each seal comes with set screws to hold it in place.

Sometimes when you hear upgrade or improvement you see dollar signs.  That is not the case here.  This upgraded seal will remain the same cost as the old seals but adds so much more to your 6” pump.  Hydra-Tech understands the customers’ concerns and always pushes to find a better way.

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