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July 20, 2016 cosmick

Now that we got your attention, let’s explain what we are talking about.  Hydra-Tech’s submersible pumps include several wear parts in the body of the pump that can be replaced should they get worn out.  The internal wear parts in the 3 and 4 inch sludge and slurry pumps, and 4 and 6 inch vortex flow trash pumps have a few common parts, the wear ring, wear plate and vortex impeller that are interchangeable.  To lengthen the life span of these wear parts, they are now available with a carbide coating Shieldzall, which Hydra-Tech gets from a company called Oliver Carbide Products*.  This coating provides a cost effective solution to the everyday wear and tear along with the harsh abrasive environments that our submersible pumps are used for.  Some of these challenging applications include pumping driller’s mud, mine slag, dredge work, stones and rocks of all sizes and of course abrasive sand.  A common statement Hydra-Tech hears from the end user is if you can get these harsh types of material into the inlet of the pump and then get that pumpage through the volute then the pump is a success.

Hydra-Tech did a case study with one of their customers.  The customer was using a 6 inch trash pump in a mine and after 8 hours the impeller and wear ring were worn down. Hydra-Tech then supplied them with the Shieldzall carbide coated wear ring, wear plate and impeller, and had them run the pump to see when the parts would get worn out.  With these coated parts they were able to get 280-hours out of one set, after that amount of time the wear ring was the only part that needed to be replaced.

*Oliver Corporation is the world premier manufacturer of tools and specialty coatings utilizing nickel-brazed carbide coatings.

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