New Employee – Celebrating 1 Year!

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July 1, 2016 cosmick

Just over a year ago Jeff Whittaker started working for Hydra-Tech Pumps. He knew most of the employees fairly well since most had been working for Hydra-Tech since the company moved to Nesquehoning PA in 2007. Jeff’s family acquired the business in 2005 when it was located in Mt Holly NJ.

From Jeff’s perspective, his first year:

As I sat at a desk that I made my home in my first week at Hydra-Tech, part of what I did was eavesdrop. Seriously. What better way to begin to figure out the culture and hear the Hydra-Tech end of technical calls, application calls, sales calls etc. I heard people stressing our great customer service, and I began to see it myself. In my first back order meeting where we review the orders in house, the production plan and the shipping schedule, I realized that it was a symphony of friendly ribbing, but that everyone was pushing each other to get the orders out as quickly as possible and do whatever was possible to do better than the customer expected.

On a daily basis I saw firsthand how hard Hydra-Tech’s employees work for the customer and how dedicated everyone is about their role in the whole process. It was also immediately obvious to me that Ken Reim, who founded the company back in 1977, is as passionate about the design of pumps and power units as he ever was. There is nothing he likes more than a new application and challenge.

So with a year under my belt (and a still a lot to learn) I realize that our customer service is one of our most important aspects, something that has been confirmed time after time with customers I have spoken to. So as much as we are selling hydraulically driven submersible pumps and hydraulic power units, we are also providing solutions to pumping needs and working hard for your business every day.

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