What happened to my Motor Lip Seal?

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April 13, 2016 cosmick

My Submersible Hydraulic pump has a blown motor lip seal, what’s the cause of this?

Seal failure on the hydraulic motor is usually caused by excess pressure build-up in the motor casing.

Some other common causes:

  1. Not connecting the quick disconnect fitting completely on the wing style fittings.
  2. Hooking up the pressure line before the return line causing the pressure in the hose to build up with no place to go except past the motor lip seal and mechanical seal and into the pumpage.
  3. Disconnecting the return line before the pressure line causing the same as above, no outlet for the pressure.   **The motor lip seal is not designed to hold the full system pressure only internal leak oil for lubrication.**
  4. The return hose might be too long and/or diameter might be too small.
  5. Clogged return hose or coupling obstructing the return of oil flow back to the tank.
  6. Power unit, Bobcat, Truck, or Excavator hydraulic controls may not be an OPEN CENTER or motor control spool meaning the return is closed off and traps the pressure at the motor.
  7. The power unit is putting out too much pressure and hydraulic flow for the motor.
  8. Running the motor at full speed in cold weather without allowing the hydraulic oil to warm up first.

*Always be aware of your max hydraulic motor pressure and flow requirements.

*Before you hook up your power unit know what your power unit’s output is to prevent bodily damage and equipment failure.

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