HT8G Power Units and S2 pumps built in Ken Reim’s garage for an order going to Sierra Leone for the Peace Corp.

Using HT submersibles, a contractor saved $1 M in energy costs on a two year construction project

Hydra-Tech designs and supplies Stainless Steel 18” axial flow pumps to Occidental Chemical for use in Florida phosphate mining.

Ken and Bob strike a deal with Gorman-Rupp to provide GR with hydraulic pumps and power units to be included as catalogue items for Gorman Rupp

Hydra-Tech now supplies three and four inch pumps to Vacuum Truck Manufacturers for use as flange mounted decanting pumps on vacuum trucks.

A prominent supply and engineering firm working on behalf of the US Military begins purchasing from Hydra-Tech

Ken designs and builds all SS hydraulic power units for Martin Marietta

Hydra-Tech’s single largest order to date, 26 pumps and 13 twin circuit power units are shipped to Brazil through a US distributor.

Hydra-Tech Pumps acquired by Whittco

Hydra-Tech relocates to PA and creates five additional jobs

Complete line of shredder pumps introduced.

Design and Testing of 24” Axial Flow pump complete.

First single PO, million dollar order

Developed, built, tested and launched the S8TC and released it to market

Hydra-Tech adds an additional 8,000 Sq Ft onto their building.

Hydra-Tech was purchased by a small group of investors and becomes Hydra-Tech Pumps LLC.

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