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October 17, 2018 cosmick

Sometimes in the quest to have blogs that are exciting, unique or educational we overlook the most basic procedures we go through in the daily course of business.  So although it might not be the most exhilarating topic in the world, let’s cover the subject of placing an order with Hydra-Tech Pumps.  We take purchase orders from our customers any way they prefer, via email, verbally by phone, and by fax.

Orders By Email:  htpump@hydra-tech.com           This is the best and easiest way to get an order in our hands, especially if a purchase order is being generated.

Orders By Phone:  (570) 645-3779   Anyone who answers the phone at Hydra-Tech can take your order – we’re looking for Item Part Number or Description, quantity, Purchase Order number (if used), and we want to know if you would like an order confirmation sent or not.

Orders By Fax:  (570) 645-4061       We still get some orders via fax – this is another good way to get your order in our hands if a purchase order is being generated.  Let us know if you would like an order confirmation sent or not.

We are always willing to send an order confirmation with pricing and an estimated ship date – just let us know when you place your order.  Keep in mind that estimated ship dates are based on lead times provided at the time of a quote (if one was supplied) and that lead time could have changed depending on the age of the quote.

If your company has specific shipping / freight instructions and carrier preferences please make sure that we are aware of those requirements.  We ship smaller orders with UPS and use a variety of carriers for LTL shipments.

Finally we appreciate our customers big and small.  Thanks for your continued confidence in our products, our people, and our company.  Please let us know about the next challenge Hydra-Tech Pumps can help you to overcome!

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