A good year in the rear view mirror.

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January 5, 2018 cosmick

As we all head back to work after New Year’s Day, we close the books on 2017 and start over with a fresh year before us.  Based on conversations with many people in the industry, we don’t think there are many who aren’t glad to put in a good 2017 sales year after a down 2016!  We were fortunate enough to have our best sales year ever in 2017, the same year we celebrated Hydra-Tech Pumps’ 40th year in business – thank you to our customers for helping to make that happen.  As with the beginning of any year, we reflect on 2017 and look forward to 2018.

We started 2017 off with a change in our pump warranty – moving from a 1 year warranty to 2 year warranty.  We made some moves internally to strengthen our manufacturing group and ended the year with a solid group of employees, some seasoned including 3 “originals” and a couple of new hires who are settling into their roles here.  Maintaining personnel is a seemingly never ending battle, but we finished the year in a happy place with our group.  We built our first 30” axial pump, and with the completion of a 400 horsepower HPU in the first quarter of 2018, we will get it tested, confirm the curves, and have it available in our arsenal of axial flow pumps.  Throughout the year we participated in 4 trade shows, numerous customer trainings, and traveled to see as many customers as we could.  We also developed a brand new catalog (let us know if we can drop one in the mail to you!).  We continued to make improvements to our new website and we are updating and adding information all of the time.

So what’s in store for 2018?  One thing that we are discussing is an addition to our building to further improve work flow, receiving and pump testing.  We are early on in the discussion, but we all agree that we need additional space to continue to grow and improve our manufacturing techniques for you our customers.  For those of you who don’t know / haven’t been to our little corner of the world for a visit, we are in a former banquet hall that we converted into our light manufacturing operation.  It has served us well but it is time for some additional space.  We have some casting patterns that have challenged us in the last year – we will be investing the money for new patterns where required to address some of these challenges.  As with any year, our crew at Hydra-Tech Pumps will work hard to help our customers resolve their problems, whether simply placing a parts order, application help in choosing the right pump or system, or working through a pump rebuild or repair.  We are always working to improve our catalog, manuals and other marketing literature, our website, and our products and services.

There is only one trade show on the calendar at this point – will we see any of you at the WWETT Show in February?  www.wwettshow.com – we will be in Booth #4104 – please stop by and say hello if you make it to the show.  So cheers to a happy, healthy, and successful 2018!


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