Pump Materials of Construction

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July 24, 2017 cosmick


When choosing the right pump for the job there are always several things to consider. You have to make sure the pump can provide the right flow (GPM) at the total head the pump will have to overcome (TDH). You need to know if the pump is designed to handle solids or if it only needs to pump clear water. You may have an existing hydraulic power source you want to use to drive the pump so it is important that you find a pump that will match the available hydraulic supply.  Other things to consider are the type of hydraulic and discharge hoses used for the job and hydraulic fitting selection.

Choosing the right materials of construction can make the job easier and extend the life of the pump.  The majority of Hydra-Tech’s pumps are available in aluminum and ductile iron, some are available in stainless steel.  Here are a few examples of the thought process behind choosing from different materials:

  • Let’s say that the pump will need to handle some solid material from time to time but it is more important that it be lightweight so it can be hand carried to the center of a lagoon. In this case an aluminum body pump would be the best choice. An example of this could be the S4T-2.
  • You have a settling tank that needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis and the fluids that get dumped into the tank have a wide range of PH values. To make sure the pump resists the corrosion that can occur in these conditions a stainless steel body, impeller and other parts would be the best way to go. An example could be the S3TSS pump.
  • You have a mine dewatering application where the pump will be stationary and you know that there will be solid and semi solid materials (silt, sand, gravel, rocks) passing through and you will need a tough pump to take those hits. Ductile iron is good choice here – an S8T or S10T would move some water and be tough enough to withstand the solids passing through.
  • The pump is being mounted on an oil skimmer and will be pumping primarily salty seawater and a mixture of various oils. A marine Aluminum Bronze construction would be a good choice for this application. Our S2TCAL-2 with optional Aluminum Bronze parts could be the answer.

What special consideration does your pump application require?  Our technical specialists are here to help you make the informed choice.

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