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February 6, 2017 cosmick

When Ken Reim, the founder of Hydra-Tech pumps needed a product that wasn’t available to him to solve a problem for the Peace Corps in Sierra Leone, Africa in 1977, he designed and developed the HT8G and S2, the first power units and pumps sold by Hydra-Tech. This was the story with many other products Hydra-Tech has come to be known for in its time in the pump and power market.

In 2017 Hydra-Tech will celebrate 40 years in business and the concept of custom designed and purpose built pumps and power units continues today. Sure Hydra-Tech sells a lot of its “bread and butter” products week in and week out. At the same time, we have never shied away from the calls that start out with “I don’t know if you guys can do this or not” or “I have an idea for something I need – do you think you can build it?”

The amazing thing about Ken is that he is as passionate about these calls today as he was during the first five years Hydra-Tech was in business. He likes that challenge that comes with making something new that we haven’t built before. Might be a hydraulic power unit to run a piece of equipment that we don’t manufacture. This year we built and shipped as many as 10 custom power units to run something other than a Hydra-Tech pump and have a couple more we are working to get out the door in the coming weeks.

Customization of our pumps and power units is always an option – we are wrapping up the development of a menu of options for both types of product and they will be up on the website soon. We had a new customer from a marine diving / salvage business contact us about a week ago with a request for an item that we have never built or offered – an idea to solve a problem he has. We are working right now to take his idea from a sketch on a blank piece of paper through design and fabrication to a finished product. As a smaller organization, this is one of the many benefits we can offer our customers over some of the big boys, who would rather sell what they have and not what they don’t have. Do you have an idea related to pump and power that we can help you with?

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