When a vacuum truck can’t reach it, we can!

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November 17, 2016 cosmick

Faced with either cost overruns or lost opportunities due to the inability of a vacuum truck to handle tank pump outs from long distances while at the same time dealing with stringy solids, a Tennessee company went looking for a better way.

In more and more instances, tanks are getting filled up and clogged up with stringy materials which are difficult to pump and sometimes not pump-able at all if the equipment being used can’t pull enough vacuum.

Faced with this reality, sanitary pumpers either had to turn their backs on some potentially profitable work, or haul often unreliable trash pumps long distances over uneven terrain in order to be able to set up and pump out remote tanks.  While these trash pumps could be effective, that was not always the case.  The sometimes performance coupled with the weight and maneuverability and suction hose failure problems of these pumps, meant breaking even or even losing money on some jobs that just did not go right.

After calling the manufacturer, Hydra-Tech Pumps and being connected with a local representative from a distributor in Chattanooga, TN, the end user was able to demo a submersible trash pump, S3TRDI powered by an HT13G hydraulic power unit.

This hydraulically driven pumping system solved all of the handling and performance issues and saved time to boot.  Because the pump is light weight and can be set up with hydraulic hoses extending up to 150’ from the power source, it was easy for one person to get the pump down to and in to the tank to be pumped.  Then, because the pump is self-priming when dropped in the pumpage, the only other hose required is the hose on the discharge side of the system.  With all the hoses in place, the user fired up the power unit, activated the hydraulics and observes as the S3TRDI not only handled the solids, it also pumped out the tank at a rate of roughly 300 gallons per minute.

The demo went so well that the end user immediately purchased the demo package and continues to be happy with his investment.

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