Choosing the Right Pump and Power Unit for the Job

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October 13, 2016 cosmick

At Hydra-Tech, one of our specialties is helping our customer choose the correct pump and/or power unit. We recognize that choosing the right pump for your situation is a very important decision, and that using the wrong pump can cause frustration and prevent the job from being accomplished in a timely manner. For these reasons it is important for you to consider several factors before you turn to us for your hydraulically driven submersible pump and hydraulic power unit needs.

Some of the factors to consider are the following:

  • The type of hydraulically driven pumps available-Solids handling, General purpose, Axial mixed flow, Sand and slurry, Slim line, Shredders, Centrifugal screw, High performance pumps with high heads or high volumes and each type serves a specific purpose. For example, axial mixed flow pumps are ideal for moving large volumes of fluid at a relative low head, while the centrifugal screw pump is ideal for pumping high viscosity liquids such as crude oil, latex, and molasses type materials.
  • There are three main factors when selecting a pump; the total head of discharge, what your desired flow rate is at that head, and the characteristics of the pumpage you’re pushing. If you know this information you will be able to narrow the pump down to the right one for the job!
  • When selecting a hydraulic power unit, you can choose from one of our standard power units which include electrical motor, gasoline engine, propane or natural gas engines, diesel engines or you can use the hydraulic power you may have such as a skid-steer, excavator, and tractor.

NOTE: The hydraulic power unit-Is totally customizable we’ll listen to what your requirements are and design and manufacture to your specific needs.

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