Weight 400 lbs (181 Kg)
Inlet Flange
Solid Handling
Hose Ports
Pump Body
Suction Case
Hydraulic Oil SAE 10W or 20W Type AW
Input Flow
Operating Pressure
Power Source
Engine Kubota OC95-E4
Horse Power 9.4 @ 3600 RPM
Hydraulic Output Variable, Max 6 GPM (23 LPM)
Oil Filtration 10 Micron (standard)
Oil Reservoir Capacity 8 US Gallons (30 Liters)
Fuel Tank Capacity 15 U.S. Gallons (57 Liters)
Fuel Consumption Approx. .63 US Gal/Hr (2.39 Liters/Hr)
Dimensions H 37 1/2" (95 cm) x W 33 1/2" (85 cm) x L 50" (127 cm)
full specs

This compact and rugged diesel power unit features an extended run fuel tank, extra oil cooling and easy handling.  Great fro continuous duty applications and powering our pumps or other hydraulic equipment using the variable speed throttle to control hydraulic output.